We're looking for people in construction, health and IT.
We're looking for people in construction, health and IT.

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Health and social services

  • Provide health care and social services to the public
  • Accompany multiple clientele form various backgrounds
  • Concretely help the community

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  • Build roads and infrastructures
  • Develop the public transit system 
  • Modernize buildings

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Information technology

  • Create dynamic websites and applications
    • Modernize e-commerce
    • Participate in the creation of digital enterprises 

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Find the job that suits you

  • If you are Realistic, you like physical work, repairing, rigging up, dismantling and assembling objects. You are resourceful, dynamic and audacious.
  • If you are Investigative, you like to deepen your knowledge and understand scientific phenomena. You are quick-witted, ingenious and curious.
  • If you are Artistic, you like using your imagination, thinking outside the box and freely expressing your ideas. You are creative, sensitive and nonconformist.
  • If you are Social, you like helping people. You like to take care of them and listen to them. You are jovial, friendly and welcoming.
  • If you are Enterprising, you like to influence others, take up challenges and take initiatives. You are confident, audacious and charismatic. 
  • If you are Conventional, you like to follow clear instructions, as well as arrange, classify and order documents or objects. You are methodical, conscientious and organized.

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