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Audio and video recording technicians

Operate equipment to record, mix and edit sound, music and videotape for motion pictures, television and radio programs and videoclips.

You’ll perform multidisciplinary work and need to be versatile, as you will be working in various art fields. The two constants will be your sense of pacing and your instinct for good sound mixing.

Average salary25$ / hour


Audio and video recording technicians operate equipment to record, mix and edit sound, music and videotape, for motion pictures, television and radio programs, videos, recordings and live events. They are employed by multimedia companies, film, video and concert production companies, sound recording firms, theatre and dance companies, educational establishments, clubs, hotels, bands, radio stations, television networks and video production and editing companies.

Main tasks

  • Set up, prepare, operate and adjust audio, recording, editing and reproducing equipment to record, edit and reproduce sound input or feed of pre-recorded material from tapes, records, compact discs, digital audio devices, and input from live microphones, satellites or microwave trucks for films, videos, radio and television programs and recordings
  • Prepare and operate videotape recording and playback equipment to record videos, television programs, concerts and live events, and to edit video tape after production
  • Operate electronic equipment to generate program titles, credits, sub-titles, graphic backgrounds or animation for television programs
  • Operate audio consoles or computers, tape machines, microphones and sound processing equipment to mix, combine and edit music and sound at concerts and live events
  • Operate dubbing machines to play back edited dialogue, music and sound effect tracks from different sources, in synchronization with motion picture film
  • May supervise and co-ordinate the work of other audio and video recording technicians.



        Techniques de production et de postproduction télévisuelles

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        This trade is in highest demand in these regions:

        • Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean
        • Capitale-Nationale
        • Mauricie
        • Estrie
        • Montréal
        • Outaouais
        • Montérégie
        • Centre-du-Québec
        • Grande région de Québec
        • Grande région de Montréal

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