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Correctional service officers

Correctional facilities such as prisons and penitentiaries require constant, vigilant supervision. Maintain order throughout the population of these institutions and ensure the rules of the establishment are respected by all.

Average salary29$ / hour


Correctional service officers guard offenders and detainees and maintain order in correctional institutions and other places of detention. They are employed by federal, provincial and municipal governments. Correctional service officers who are supervisors are included in this unit group.

Main tasks

  • Observe conduct and behaviour of offenders and detainees to prevent disturbances and escapes
  • Supervise offenders during work assignments, meals and recreation periods
  • Patrol assigned area and report any problems to supervisor
  • Observe behaviour of offenders and prepare reports
  • Escort detainees in transit and during temporary leaves
  • Prepare admission, program, release, transfer and other reports
  • May supervise and co-ordinate work of other correctional service officers.



Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention

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This trade is in highest demand in these regions:

  • Bas-St-Laurent
  • Abitibi-Témiscamingue
  • Centre-du-Québec

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