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Customs, ship and other brokers

As a shipbroker, oversee sales and purchases of watercraft and cargo space on commercial ships. As a customs broker, prepare and process import and export documents. You’ll also need to know the procedures for payment of duties and storage and transportation of merchandise.

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Customs brokers clear goods through customs and to their destination on behalf of importer and exporter clients. Shipbrokers buy and sell cargo space on ships and buy and sell ships, yachts and other watercraft on behalf of clients. This unit group also includes other brokers, not elsewhere classified, who negotiate commercial transactions, logistics or other services between parties on behalf of clients. They are employed by customs, ship or other brokerage establishments or may be self-employed.

Main tasks

customs brokers

  • Prepare and process import/export documents and other forms on behalf of clients according to customs regulations, laws and procedures
  • Sign import/export documents on behalf of client, using power of attorney
  • Arrange for payment of duties, taxes, storage and transportation of imported goods and bonds to cover duty goods
  • Quote duty and tax rates on commodities for clients
  • Provide advice to clients on export and import restrictions, tariff systems, letters of credit, insurance requirements and other custom related matters
  • May represent client before administrative tribunals or in other dealings with government officials.


  • Buy and sell cargo space on ships on behalf of individuals, companies and governments
  • Consult trade publications and other sources to provide information to clients on available cargo space, destinations, rates and departure locations and times, and arrange ship charters for clients
  • Negotiate rates and terms and prepare contracts and other papers
  • Buy and sell ships, yachts and other watercraft on behalf of clients
  • Inspect vessels, explain features and negotiate price when purchasing or selling for clients
  • Arrange for insurance coverage for cargo or for ships
  • Arrange for registration and licensing of ships.



Techniques de la logistique du transport

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