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Electronics assemblers, fabricators, inspectors and testers

Assemble, manufacture, inspect or verify electronic parts and components in electronic equipment manufacturing workshops.
Passionate about electronics, you have an easy time understanding technical assembly plans. Your attention to detail and your precision go hand in hand with your dexterity and versatility.

Average salary16$ / hour


Electronics assemblers and fabricators assemble and fabricate electronic equipment, parts and components. Electronics inspectors and testers inspect and test electronic and electromechanical assemblies, subassemblies, parts and components to ensure conformance to prescribed standards. They are employed in electronics manufacturing plants.

Main tasks

Electronics assemblers 

  • Solder and manually assemble various electronic components such as resistors, diodes, transistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, switches, wires and other electronic parts to designated locations on printed circuit boards
  • Assemble microcircuits requiring fine hand assembly, the use of microscopes and adherence to cleanroom procedures
  • Install, mount, fasten, align and adjust parts, components, wiring and harnesses to subassemblies and assemblies using hand and small power tools
  • Operate automatic and semi-automatic machines to position, solder and clean prescribed components on printed circuit boards
  • May replace defective components and repair and overhaul older devices.

Electronics fabricators

  • Operate and monitor process equipment including automatic and semi-automatic machines to fabricate electronic components, solder, clean, seal and stamp components and perform other process operations as specified
  • Set up process equipment and adhere to cleanroom procedures as required.

Electronics inspectors 

  • Inspect electronic components and assemblies to ensure correct component selection and placement, wiring and soldering quality, proper pin insertions, location and diameter of plated holes, breaks in circuitry and line spacing in printed circuit board and other specified requirements while products are being assembled or fabricated
  • Check final assembly for finish, labelling and packaging methods
  • Check mechanical dimensions and perform "go-no-go" electrical tests
  • Identify and mark acceptable and defective assemblies and return faulty assemblies to production for repair
  • Collect, record and summarize inspection results
  • Investigate equipment malfunction and instruct on proper operation.

Electronics testers 

  • Operate various test equipment and tools to perform simple electrical and continuity testing of electronic components, parts and systems
  • Set up and operate automatic testing equipment to locate circuit and wiring faults, shorts and component defects
  • Compare test results to specifications and set parts or products aside for repair or replace components or parts as indicated by test equipment
  • May conduct life tests (burn-ins) on components, subassemblies and assemblies
  • Maintain test result reports.



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