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Elevator mechanics

Keep things moving by assembling and maintaining the elevators, escalators and moving walkways found in a variety of buildings.

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Elevator mechanics assemble, install, maintain and repair freight and passenger elevators, escalators, moving walkways and other related equipment. They are employed by elevator construction and maintenance companies.


  • Conventional
  • Investigative
  • Realistic

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Main tasks

  • Read and interpret blueprints to determine layout of system components
  • Perform preparatory construction work including steel work, wiring and piping
  • Install elevators, escalators, moving walkways, dumbwaiters and related equipment according to specifications
  • Connect car frames to counterweights with cables and assemble elevator cars
  • Install and wire electric and electronic control system devices
  • Install, test and adjust safety control devices
  • Test operation of newly installed equipment
  • Troubleshoot electrical or mechanical systems failures
  • Disassemble defective units and repair or replace worn or suspect parts
  • Adjust valves, ratchets, seals, brake linings and other components
  • Carry out preventative maintenance programs to ensure public safety.
    * Elevator mechanics may specialize in construction, maintenance or repair.



    Elevator mechanics

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    apprentice elevator mechanic; dumbwaiter installer-repairer; elevator adjuster; elevator builder; elevator constructor; elevator constructor and mechanic apprentice; elevator constructor-mechanic; elevator erector; elevator installer; elevator maintenance mechanic; elevator mechanic; elevator mechanic (non-construction); elevator mechanic apprentice; elevator repair mechanic; elevator repairer; escalator installer; escalator installer-repairer; escalator mechanic (non construction); escalator repairer; escalator repairman woman; installer, elevator; journeyman woman elevator constructor; journeyman woman elevator mechanic; maintenance mechanic, elevators; mechanic, elevator; moving walkway installer-repairer.

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