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Foundry workers

Work in the foundry industry casting molten metal, making moulds or operating furnaces to produce metal pieces such as bolts and steel beams.

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This unit group includes workers who make foundry moulds and cores by hand or machine, cast molten metal, and operate furnaces in the foundry industry. They are employed by metal foundries and foundry departments of metal products manufacturing companies.

Main tasks

  • Manual mouldmakers make and repair sand moulds using patterns, moulding boxes, sand and hand tools following bench, floor or pit moulding methods, operate ovens to dry moulds, may pour molten metal into moulds to produce metal castings.
  • Manual coremakers make cores for use inside moulds to form holes or void spaces in castings using core boxes, sand, hammer and wire or other reinforcing material, coat cores with protective materials and bake cores in oven.
  • Machine mouldmakers and coremakers set up, adjust and operate various mouldmaking and coremaking machines to make sand and ceramics moulds and cores.
  • Metal casters set up and operate various casting machines to cast ferrous and non-ferrous metal products
  • Foundry furnace operators operate furnaces used to melt metals for moulding and casting.




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This trade is in highest demand in these regions:

  • Bas-St-Laurent
  • Montréal
  • Côte-Nord et Nord-du-Québec
  • Montérégie
  • Grande région de Montréal

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