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Graphic arts technicians

Pair your artistic talents with your passion for computers by collaborating with graphic designers. Whether you work for an advertising agency, publishing house or production company, you’ll be at the heart of the graphic art projects you help design, format and produce.

Average salary23$ / hour


Graphic arts technicians assist in conceptualizing a project, interpreting design specifications or sketches, preparing the page make-up, lay-out and lettering, and preparing production materials for press, electronic or multimedia publishing. They are employed by publishing, communications, advertising, marketing, printing and multimedia establishments, and by television and film production companies. They may also be self-employed.


  • Artistic
  • Investigative
  • Realistic

Each profession is associated with a combination of three initial letters corresponding to one of the six RIASEC profiles. Profile combinations are determined based on skills, fields of interest and certain personality traits.

Main tasks

  • Review the graphic designer's instructions
  • Produce or assist in developing and producing design concepts
  • Capture elements such as titles, text, drawings, illustrations, graphics, lettering and colour harmonization, using a computer
  • Produce computerized images and drawings
  • Digitize images using peripherals and transform them using retouching systems, graphic palettes or specialized software
  • Perform the layout, page make-up and placement using the conceptual mock-ups provided
  • Produce proofs and camera-ready materials and prepare film and any other prepress materials
  • Paint or ink individual cells of 2-D or 3-D animated drawings according to animator's specifications using an electronic palette
  • Lay out, draw or paint letters, figures, logos and designs for windows, advertisements, billboards, vehicles, books and publications using specialized software or painting equipment
  • Work in an interdisciplinary environment.



Design infographique

Description of the Design infographique

Graphic Design

Description of Graphic Design.

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Illustration et dessin animé

Description of  Illustration et dessin animé

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Techniques d'animation 3D et de synthèse d'images

Description of  Techniques d'animation 3D et de synthèse d'images

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Computer Graphics en prémédia

Description of Computer Graphics en prémédia

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Techniques d'intégration multimédia

Description of Techniques d'intégration multimédia

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Computer Graphics

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This trade is in highest demand in these regions:

  • Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean
  • Mauricie
  • Montérégie

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