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Lawyers and notaries

Advise clients on legal matters, represent clients before administration boards or in court and draw up legal documents, such as contracts and wills.

A firm believer in social justice, you’ll put your skill as an orator, excellent ability to negotiate and rigour to use in serving and defending clients.

Average salary41$ / hour


Lawyers and Quebec notaries advise clients on legal matters, represent clients before administration boards and draw up legal documents such as contracts and wills. Lawyers also plead cases, represent clients before tribunals and conduct prosecutions in courts of law. Lawyers are employed in law firms and prosecutor's offices. Quebec notaries are employed in notary offices. Both lawyers and Quebec notaries are employed by federal, provincial and municipal governments and various business establishments or they may be self-employed. Articling students are included in this group.

Main tasks

  • Advise clients of their legal rights and all matters related to law
  • Research legal precedents and gather evidence
  • Plead clients' cases before courts of law, tribunals and boards (lawyers only)
  • Draw up legal documents such as real estate transactions, wills, divorces and contracts, and prepare statements of legal opinions
  • Negotiate settlements of civil disputes (lawyers only)
  • Perform administrative and management functions related to the practice of law
  • May act as mediator, conciliator or arbitrator
  • May act as executor, trustee or guardian in estate and family law matters.
              * Lawyers and Quebec notaries may specialize in specific areas of the law such as criminal law (lawyers only), corporate law, contract law, taxation law, administrative law, international law, commercial law, real estate law, family and estate law, intellectual property law and labour law.




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              This trade is in highest demand in these regions:

              • Bas-St-Laurent
              • Capitale-Nationale
              • Montréal
              • Chaudière-Appalaches
              • Lanaudière
              • Laurentides
              • Montérégie
              • Grande région de Québec
              • Grande région de Montréal

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