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Machine operators in food processing

From breweries to sugar refineries, bakeries to fruit and vegetable processing plants—operate the machines that process and package the foods we eat every day.

Average salary18$ / hour


Process control and machine operators in this unit group operate multi-function process control machinery and single-function machines to process and package food, beverage and associated products. They are employed in fruit and vegetable processing plants, dairies, flour mills, bakeries, sugar refineries, meat plants, breweries, leaf tobacco products plants and other food, beverage and associated products processing establishments.

Main tasks

Process control operators 

  • Operate multi-function process control machinery through control panels, computer terminals or other control systems to grind, extract, mix, blend, cook or otherwise process food products and to bag, box or otherwise package food products
  • Operate multi-function process control machinery to grind, extract, mix, blend, distill, ferment or otherwise process alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages and to bottle, can or otherwise package beverages
  • Observe gauges, computer printouts and video monitors to verify specified processing conditions and make adjustments to process variables such as cooking times, ingredient inputs, flow rates and temperature settings
  • Maintain shift log of production and other data.

Machine operators 

  • Set up and adjust processing and packaging machines preparatory to operation
  • Operate single-function machines to grind, extract, mix, blend, dry, freeze, cook or otherwise process food, beverage or associated products
  • Operate single-function machines to box, can or otherwise package food, beverage or associated products
  • Check products to ensure conformance to company standards and clear machine blockages as required
  • Record production information such as quantity, weight, size, date and type of products packaged
  • Perform corrective machine adjustements, clean machines and immediate work areas.



Production Equipment Operation

More information

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This trade is in highest demand in these regions:

  • Bas-St-Laurent
  • Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean
  • Mauricie
  • Outaouais
  • Lanaudière
  • Centre-du-Québec

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