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Medical laboratory technologists

Play a crucial role in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease by conducting tests in a medical laboratory. Analyzing tissue, blood and other bodily fluid samples are all in a day’s work for a medical laboratory technologist

Average salary28$ / hour


Medical laboratory technologists conduct medical laboratory tests, experiments and analyses to assist in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. They are employed in medical laboratories in hospitals, blood banks, community and private clinics, research facilities and post-secondary educational institutions. Medical laboratory technologists who are supervisors are included in this unit group.

Main tasks

  • Set up, operate and maintain laboratory equipment
  • Conduct chemical analyses of blood, urine, and cerebrospinal and other body fluids
  • Study blood cells and other tissues to determine their relation to various physiological and pathological conditions
  • Prepare tissue sections for microscopic examinations using techniques to demonstrate special cellular tissue elements or other characteristics
  • Perform blood group, type and compatibility tests for transfusion purposes
  • Establish procedures for the analysis of specimens and for medical laboratory experiments
  • Conduct quality control assessment of testing techniques

  • May supervise and train other medical laboratory technical staff, students and helpers
  • May assist pathologists during autopsies.
*Medical laboratory technologists may specialize in areas such as clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, hematology, histotechnology, immunohematology, cytotechnology and cytogenetics.



Biomedical Laboratory Technology

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