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Other wood products assemblers and inspectors

Assemble and carry out quality control on wood products in a manufacturing and millwork context. Work on products including doors, windows, frames and other furnishings and structures.

Average salary16$ / hour


Assemblers in this unit group assemble a variety of wood products and millwork, such as window sashes and doors. Inspectors in this unit group inspect wood products to ensure product quality. They are employed by establishments engaged in manufacturing a variety of wood and millwork products.

Main tasks


  • Read production orders and diagrams
  • Trim and sand joints, moulding, or other wooden parts to be assembled using hand and power tools
  • Assemble wood products such as window sashes, doors, boxes, pallets, ladders and barrels using glue, staples, screws, bolts or other fasteners
  • Assemble door panels, trusses, modular components and other parts on assembly line to make prefabricated housing using jigs, overhead cranes and hand and power tools
  • Reinforce assembled products with dowelling or other supports, and install hardware such as knobs and hinges
  • May assist with maintenance of machinery.


  • Inspect wood products for conformance to quality standards
  • Mark defective parts or products for repair
  • Make minor adjustments and repairs
  • Record information on products inspected.


No secondary, college or university-level programs of study are indexed for this trade or occupation.

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  • Montérégie

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