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Sales related occupations

Is interacting with people your greatest strength? Apply your talents selling goods and services through home demonstrations, telephone solicitation or retail or event exhibitions.

Average salary14$ / hour


This unit group includes workers who sell goods or services during home demonstrations or by telephone soliciting, retail exhibitions or street vending. They are employed by a wide range of retail and wholesale establishments, manufacturers, telemarketing companies and call centres, or they may be self-employed.

Main tasks

  • Direct distributors, contact potential customers by phone or through personal contacts, demonstrate and sell products directly to individual customers or at sales parties and deliver purchased goods to customers.
  • Door-to-door salespersons solicit sales and sell merchandise to residents of private homes.
  • Street vendors set up and display merchandise on sidewalks or at public events to sell to the public.
  • Telephone solicitors and telemarketers contact businesses or private individuals, by telephone, to solicit sales for goods or services or conduct market surveys.
  • Demonstrators arrange sales demonstration appointments, and show, describe and sell goods or services at wholesale, retail and industrial establishments, and at exhibitions, trade shows and private homes.


No secondary, college or university-level programs of study are indexed for this trade or occupation.

More information

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beauty products consultant - door-to-door sales; beauty products representative - home sales; canvasser - retail; canvassing agent; catalogue agent - retail; catalogue sales agent - retail; cigarette vendor; cleaning products salesperson - door-to-door sales; comparison shopper; cosmetics demonstrator - retail; cosmetics salesperson - home sales; demonstrator - retail; direct distributor - retail; direct seller; door-to-door salesperson; food demonstrator - retail; home demonstrator - retail; home salesperson; magazine distribution agent - retail; magazine subscription solicitor; newspaper vendor; newspaper vendor - street sales; personal shopper; promotions demonstator; street vendor; subscription agent - retail; subscription solicitor; telemarketer; telephone sales agent; telephone sales clerk; telephone salesperson; telephone solicitor; vendor.

This trade is in highest demand in these regions:

  • Mauricie
  • Laval

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